APNEF To Protect Democracy

  • Protecting and promoting press freedom and ensuring economic independence of newspapers irrespective of their size and region
  • Taking steps to modernize print and digital news publishing through provision of training and resources to deserving newspapers
  • Providing a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas among the editors of urban and rural newspapers
  • Monitoring and ensuring that all media groups follow ethical journalistic standards without biases and favoritism
  • Formation of an effective Press Council to receive and redress complains against publications groups and to devise a mechanism of Media Self Regulation


Public affars

As an advocate in public policy the APNEF enables newspapers from coast to coast to speak with a unified voice when promoting newspaper interests to governments, regulators and the general public. These interests include such issues as taxation, employment standards, recycling, freedom of information, privacy and copyright. In this capacity the APNEF monitors, analyzes and lobbies against legislation potentially harmful to newspapers and freedom of the press.