“APNEF is a non-profitable organization to be the indispensable partner of newspapers, largest logistic forum of newspapers, publishers and editors platform. The entire news publishing industry worldwide, particularly our members, in the defense and promotion of press freedom & Government Policies, quality journalism and editorial integrity and the development of prosperous businesses and technology. Today, the primary role of the APNEF is to represent the needs of its members and the public. APNEF is the forum of PUBLISHERS, CHIEF EDITORS, EDITORS & SENIOR COLUMNIST; they are united for true journalism in Pakistan under the umbrella of APNEF. APNEF is largest forum of Pakistan, this forum is voice of Publications & Editors from Kashmir to Punjab and all over the other country region, which includes all national/Regional &Local newspapers. This forum is serving his members for last many years.” Read More »


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  • Major Objectives

    Protecting and promoting press freedom and ensuring economic independence of newspapers irrespective of their size and region.

  • Why APNEF?

    All Pakistan Newspapers Editors’ Forum (APNEF) is not a group of elites. For APNEF, every publication large or small has the equal worth.

  • APNEF's Future Plan

    Development of Newspapers.
    Providing Training Opportunities to Editors and Reporters of Regional Newspapers.

  • APNEF to Protect Democracy

    Democracy in Pakistan has been revived almost after a suppression of eight years long dictatorial rule. Only after some year’s completion...

  • APNEF to bridge

    Various welfare projects of the government often remain unnoticed by the rural populations and so they could not reap the benefits from such welfare projects of the government.

  • Economics Growth

    APNEF aims to utilize the mass media to its fullest by incorporating a considerable portion of technical education so that the newspapers serving in far-flung areas.. .

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APNEF Objectives